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Prehabilitation will lessen the impact of cancer treatment

Prehabilitation joins the cancer care pathway

MacMillan Cancer Support’s new prehabilitation guidelines marks a shift change in the management and support of people with cancer. I met a new client recently. She was six months on after treatment for leukaemia and keen to improve her fitness and energy levels. During our preliminary chat about her health status and previous activity levels she told me a tale…

Physical activity targets can now include taking the stairs instead of the lift

Explore the new US guidelines on physical activity

With fewer than 1 in 4 adult Americans currently meeting national exercise guidelines, the 2nd edition of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans has a new message: every little bit of physical activity you do contributes to your long-term health. This is a departure from the 1st edition in 2008, which set the activity bar a…

Working from home can affect your health if you don't pay attention to your physical activity levels

Physical activity is key when you work from home

  NEW: Follow this link to find your top tips on keeping fit at home during the coronavirus crisis   Are you one of the growing band of people working from home, content in the knowledge that you don’t have to face that soul-destroying commute to and from your workplace? Congratulations if you are, but is working from your kitchen…