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Man with dog walking to get his regular physical exercise

5 ways physical exercise can help you combat the ageing process

Too many people seem to think that as they approach their 50s and 60s it’s too late to think about their physical fitness. They associate ageing with irresistible decline and accept the fact that they will inevitably pile on weight, lose muscle size and strength, suffer with stiff joints, and succumb to the chronic health problems they have stacked up…

Poor posture at your desk and limited movement: major causes of lower back pain

Lower back pain: why you need to get active now

I had the pleasure of meeting staff from the ITV studios in London recently as part of ITV’s ‘happy back’ lunchtime pop-in session. After working in an office myself for many years, I wasn’t surprised to see young office workers with varying degrees of lower back pain queuing eagerly for a therapeutic massage from Suzanne Wylde. According to Royal London…